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740 Sqft
2 Adult and 2 Kids

Comfort along with dwelling nature where one can breathe in the fresh air and soak up in the view with the spacious and luxurious suites.


840 Sqft
2 Adult and 2 Kids

Endless views are best enjoyed from the latched gate on the private terrace, one cannot escape the quintessential view of Aravalli Range and lush green lawns.


1200 Sqft
4 Adult and 2 Kids

These premuim suites offers large rooms with a taste of simplicity and serenity curated with classy interiors where people can enjoy a good time in the Semi-Open private terrace.

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Inspired by the serenity and exquisite hospitality, The Lotus County presents nature’s retreat in the meadows of deciduous forest. We accommodate world-class amenities that offer pristine views of the Aravalli range and tranquil water bodies of Udaipur, with a luxurious and rejuvenating stay at our Resort.

Luxurious Suite

Coffee Shop

Free Parking

Luxurious Pool

Free Internet Access

Extraordinary Facilities for grand Events


Wedding-TLC (1)

Wedding & Events

Tropical Swimming Pool

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Amenities Tailored to Your Highest Standards
Amenities Tailored to Your Highest Standards
Yash Bagdi
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"It was a fantastic experience staying at The Lotus County Resort. My family and I always looked for getaway properties in nature. When we found The Lotus County, we immediately booked a weekend. Now we know that it was the best decision ever. The beautiful sceneries and fantastic weather in Udaipur added the much-needed charm."
Ravi Saini
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"We were passing by The Lotus County resort and randomly decided to stay for the weekend. It was amazing how they welcomed us; their hospitality was another level. We liked their open spaces and poolside bar area. There was even a dedicated play area for kids. The property is also very near the natural extension of Udaipur. We are coming back here as soon as possible."
Sumit Jain
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"Nature is boundless in beauty, and when you stay somewhere, the whole experience connects you with the tranquillity of nature. It becomes an overwhelming weekend. The Lotus County is a blissful place to spend your leisure time. They have everything you need in one place to make your days full of comfortable and luxurious living.
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I had a fantastic experience at the hotel. The rooms were exquisite, and the staff provided exceptional service. Collaborating with them for our event was a pleasure. Special thanks to Mr. Tikam and Ms. Kanak for their invaluable assistance with the setup and extensions. Overall, it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience, and I highly recommend this establishment.
Shahida Khan
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The Team was incredibly cooperative and helpful during our stay. The hotel staff were also very accommodating. The property's proximity to nature adds to its charm, and the entire staff team was cooperative. We plan to visit again in the future. Despite hosting over 500 guests, the staff managed everything effortlessly. Highly recommended for events and leisure stays alike
Nishit Gajjar
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It was great experience to stay here.! This hotel is ideal for weddings in Udaipur, with its natural beauty and enjoyable atmosphere. Miss Kanak, Ram, and Mr. Tikam were incredibly helpful and friendly, making us feel as comfortable as if we were with family. Their warm communication added to the overall experience, making our stay even more enjoyable. Highly recommend this destination for a memorable stay!
Tanishk raj singh
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I had a wonderful experience during my stay. Ms. Kanak's genuine care for both the hotel guests and her team was evident, and her assistance was invaluable. The service provided was exceptional, and every moment spent here was fantastic. I look forward to visiting again in the future to relive the superb experience. I highly recommend this hotel to anyone looking for exceptional service and a memorable stay
Ashok Meena
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The hotel proved to be the perfect destination for our family gatherings, be it weddings or anniversaries. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay, surrounded by the serene beauty of nature and lakes. The team at the reception, particularly Miss Kanak, was remarkably active and genuinely helpful, ensuring our needs were met with care. The proximity to nature added to the charm of the property.
Raksha Gajjar
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I had a delightful experience at the hotel, especially with the well-decorated food venue arranged by the team. They were not only helpful and friendly but also maintained discipline efficiently. The overall experience was positive, thanks to their attention to detail and professionalism. Miss Kanak, at the reception, always greeted us with joy, adding to the welcoming atmosphere.
Harsh Kumar Jha
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It was an excellent place to stay during my visit to Udaipur. My experience at the hotel was superb, and the staff, especially Miss Kareena from the team, was exceptionally cooperative. Their assistance added to the overall satisfaction of my stay. The hotel provided a comfortable and enjoyable experience, making my time in Udaipur memorable
Mahipal Singh Rajput
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Lotus County was truly wonderful place. Every staff member, from the valet to the cleaning staff, was delightful and eager to assist. A special thank you to Miss Kareena for her exceptional cooperation and helpfulness. I look forward to visiting again and will definitely recommend this establishment to my colleagues. Overall, it was a fantastic experience that exceeded my expectations
Mansi Sharma
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My recent stay was fantastic! The staff was welcoming and attentive, ensuring a comfortable experience. The room was clean and cozy, contributing to my overall enjoyment. Despite minor issues, the positive aspects overshadowed them. I highly recommend this hotel for a delightful stay. Looking forward to returning soon
Kanika Chittlangia
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The hotel is beautiful, spacious, and surrounded by nature, creating a serene atmosphere. Our stay here has been incredibly pleasant and joyful. The ambiance allows for both relaxation and productivity, making it ideal for work as well. Being immersed in nature adds to the overall experience, providing a sense of tranquility. Highly recommended for anyone seeking a peaceful and rejuvenating stay.
Pratik Hirapara
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This hotel near Udaisagar is truly one of the best. With its picturesque views and excellent services, it offers a unique and inviting atmosphere. I recently attended an event here with around 1700 people, and I was impressed by how well the hotel managed everything. The premium view from the top floor adds to the overall charm of this remarkable property. Highly recommended for a memorable experience
Nidhi Madrecha
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I truly wish I could extend my stay here. The upcoming clubhouse sounds promising, and I'm eager to return once it's operational. Kanak Ma'am at the lobby was exceptionally attentive and, along with her team, provided excellent assistance throughout my stay. The overall experience was fantastic, and I look forward to coming back to enjoy the new amenities. Highly recommend this place for its hospitality and upcoming offerings.
Sigmund D'souza
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Our experience here was simply amazing! The rooms were excellent, the food was delicious, and the ambience was perfect. The staff was incredibly polite and helpful, making our stay even more enjoyable. Highly recommended for a stay with friends, family, or anyone looking for comfort and relaxation. This place truly provides the best comfort and ensures a memorable experience for all guests

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Bespoke luxury and splendid hospitality await you at The Lotus County – an exclusively crafted experience by Archi Group.

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