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Book a tranquil getaway accommodation at The Lotus County Resort where luxury and leisure awaits your presence with a touch of natural and scenic beauty. Our suites are made for your extraordinary standard and to make your holiday peaceful.


740 Sqft

2 Adult and 2 Kids

Comfort along with dwelling nature where one can breathe in the fresh air and soak up in the view with the spacious and luxurious suites.

Executive Suite with Terrace

840 Sqft

2 Adult and 2 Kids

Endless views are best enjoyed from the latched gate on the private terrace, one cannot escape the quintessential view of Aravalli Range and lush green lawns.

Presenditial Suite With Terrace

1200 Sqft

4 Adult and 2 Kids

These premuim suites offers large rooms with a taste of simplicity and serenity curated with classy interiors where people can enjoy a good time in the Semi-Open private terrace.

Bespoke luxury and splendid hospitality await you at The Lotus County – an exclusively crafted experience by Archi Group.

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Copyright © 2023. All Rights Reserved.  Developed By GetMarketed